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Area of Operation
CY - OS-90/1Block (PY-3 field)
CB - OS/2 Block
CB - OS /1 Block
PR-OSN-2004 /1 Block
CB-OS/1 Block
This offshore block is located in Cambay Gulf, of the West Coast of India, in water depths ranging from 2 to 20 meters. The area is an extension of onshore Cambay basin where major oil and gas fields like Gandhar are located. Production Sharing Contract (PSC) is dated 19th November 1996 and is currently valid to 2021. The current JV partners are ONGC (55.26% Operator), Hindustan Oil Exploration Co Ltd. (38.07%) and Tata Petrodyne Limited (6.67%). The Management Committee approved revised Plan of Development (rPOD) envisages a cumulative oil production of 1.555 MMm3 from two producers and with one injector.
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